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Wearable Art In Wool & Silk By Cynthia Soboti
Welcome to my Website
I am a multimedia artist
working with wool, silk, felt,
clay, glass beads & handwoven
fabric to create one of a kind
pieces of Wearable Art-Scarves,
Hats, Jackets and Wall Art
using clay and handwoven
Bright colors and Nature give
me all my Inspiration to create
these beautiful pieces.
I create one of a kind pieces so if you see something you love
buy it then because when it's gone
IT IS GONE. I love what I
do-sometimes I start out with an idea and as I work the piece
evolves becoming more beautiful than I pictured. Wool felt is a
magical medium-with hot water, soap and friction the wool
shrinks in a somewhat controllable fashion but the end result
is surprising sometimes-In a really good way. I also spin my
own yarn that is used in the final piece. I love what I do and I
hope you love wearing what you purchase. I know you will