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Wearable Art In Wool & Silk By Cynthia Soboti
This necklace set is made with copper, black crystals, glass beads, black
silk and wire. The technique I used is to load beads onto a wire and then
crochet the design of the earrings adding crystals as I proceed. The copper
flower is made with sheet copper that I pound into the design I want. The
design is completed by threading onyx beads on to a wire and manulipating
with copper until I get the design I am looking for. Black silk chiffon is then
threaded through the design to soften the look. OOAK!
This necklace is made using repousse
technique where sheet copper is cut
then pounded to create the
background design-holes are punched
in the copper and beads are threaded
on copper wire through the holes-the
wire is coiled and beads are added to
the wire to form the necklace with a
button snap closure. The focal bead is
emerald green glass faceted and wire
wrapped with copper wire. This is a
one of a kind piece.
The focal piece of this necklace is created by wire wrapping
turquoise glass cabochons, glass daggers and dark blue seed
beads to form a flower shape-then shades of blue beads are
threaded on a soft wire and the necklace part is crochet and
finished with a magnetic ball clasp. OOAK!
This  necklace set is created by loading hot pink
and peach seed beads onto bronze wire and then
crocheting the design-the flowers are created in the
same manner and it is finished with a toggle clasp.
These bracelets are made by loading various kinds of beads and pearls onto wire
and then wrapping it around a thicker gauge wire to hold the form- all have
magnetic clasps.